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Rick's Place is a 50-acre greenspace 5.5 miles from Ft. Bragg. We are open dawn to dusk and free for The Military Family and those who serve the Military Family (definition below). Rick's Place is the first of what we hope will be many retreat centers around the US by military bases where families experience deployment cycles and seek to reintegrate after deployments.

Property Purpose, Rules and Parties


Welcome to Rick's Place! Please check-in at the Herrema House Welcome Center upon arrival.

Hours: Daily, dawn-to-dusk.

Mission: We provide fun, quality activities for the Military Family to strengthen relationships and to build community. 

Who can use our park: We serve the Military Family and we welcome those who serve the Military Family. This includes service family friends! All people who come to our park must agree to abide by our rules.

Who is the in "The Military Family"? The Military Family is comprised of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and their families, as well as Department of Defense civilians and contractors impacted by wartime stressors. The Military Family is the sphere of relationships the service member calls “home.”

Keep it Friendly: Rules at Rick’s Place

  •       Check-in at our visitor center (the house with the American Flag). If the center is unstaffed, sign the welcome book on   the porch.
  •       Unaccompanied minors must register at our welcome center. Registration includes a discussion with a legal guardian.
  •       Play at your own risk.
  •       Put things back the way you found them.
  •       Keep Rick’s Place clean.
  •       Rough language can take a hike.
  •       No fighting. In case of conflict please see a Rick’s Place team member or call 911.
  •       No alcohol except by Rick’s Place permission.
  •       Rick’s Place is a smoke free park.
  •       No fires except in firepits or grills.
  •       No soliciting, vending or peddling.
  •       No disfiguration or removal of property.
  •       Unmanned aircraft (e.g. drones) require Rick’s Place permission to operate.
  •       Be neighborly with noise: Observe Fayetteville noise control regulations.
  •       Dogs should be leashed and cleaned up after.
  •       Varmints abound: Be aware of possible exposure to and allergic reactions to things such as insects, tick & snake  bites, and/or poisonous plants.
  •       Watch out for low-hanging limbs and tripping hazards. 
  •       Chickens may cross the road without having their motives questioned.

   Lost something? Our Lost & Found is inside our Welcome Center.

Party Reservations

Simple parties (kids' birthday parties, etc.)

Rick's Place is more than a park. Rick's Place is a positive culture to uplift The Military Family. Many people in The Military Family have worked tirelessly and sacrificially to build both the culture and the infrastructure you may enjoy today at Rick's Place. As a result, we're careful about how the property is used. It's our "home." We love sharing it, and we ensure the land and culture we poured sweat, money and love into are respected. We ensure our neighbors are also respected.

Many people have given simple parties at Rick's Place. These parties are fun! They use what the park offers, no alcohol is consumed, and the organizers leave the park as they found it. The park remains open and the parties enjoy our pergolas, playgrounds, toy shed, open fields and picnic tables. For sanitation, we offer porta-potties stocked with hand-sanitizer.  Simple parties seem to work well at Rick's Place.

Is a Rick's Place simple party for you? We ask that before you have a party, you come out and take part in a couple of Rick's Place volunteer efforts or work days. You will learn about our culture and be able to better decide if Rick's Place is the place for your simple party.

E-mail TammyK ( to register your simple party. She will ask for your contact information, answer questions for you, and provide simple, commonsense guidelines we ask you follow. You do not have to register your party, but if you do TammyK can tell you what's going on that day and also put a "reserved" note on a picnic table or the pergolas.

Private and complex parties

We are entering a construction phase for our park that requires full staff attention. As a result, we are not accepting any more reservations for private parties (weddings, reunions, or complex parties where alcohol is requested). Once we complete our Phase 1 and 2 construction plans, we will publish guidelines for private and complex parties.