"Our mission is to create a culture that will meet the need, because we are the need." 

RHF is a space created by military families for military families and single soldiers. It's located at Ft. Bragg, NC, the epicenter of US war-fighting military bases. More combat deployments have been initiated here than anywhere else.

Rick's Place, RHF's first retreat space, is engaged in the serious business of fun.  Our goal is to offer a peaceful place free from stigma where military families can do what they are naturally inclined to do anyways - spend time together, using recreation and the beauty of the outdoors as a catalyst for reconnecting and strengthening their family relationships.

Soldiers and families need fun, quality activities and we all need support. An Army sponsored study found the two most important factors to better prepare families for deployments are strong marriages and strong community. RHF’s outdoor recreation center promotes this essential atmosphere of community and support. It provides a place for families and single soldiers to create positive lasting memories that ultimately help to strengthen the resiliency of soldiers-friends and of parent-spouse-child relationships before, during and after separation due to military deployments.

For more information about our strategic plan or to get involved, please contact our executive director, Allegra Jordan, at allegra@rhfnow.org or (910) 444-1RHF.