MEET THE BOARD (alphabetical Order)

Darren, RHF’s Development Committee member, is the founder & CVO for Alpine Training Services LLC. A leading international specialty rigging (design/ build) & training corporation. He is a Senior Designer, Licensee & Business Developer for the “Ninja Warrior” obstacle course based television show. Additionally, he serves as advisor to the board for the Peak Rescue Institute and was previously a Professional Wild land firefighter.

Dick, RHF's Financial Committee member, and is Rick Herrema’s father. He has been VP and Treasurer of Great Lakes Painting and Decorating Inc. for 30 years. He has served as an elder at Forest Grove Christian Reformed Church for the last 9 years and Treasurer for 3 years and Chairmen of the building and grounds committee. Dick is also a board member at Hudsonville Christian School and a member of the building and grounds committee.

Elisabeth is the Chief of Protocol for US Forces Command. 

Joe, Vice President, is a Lieutenant Colonel with 20 years of active duty service, 16 of which have been with Army Special Operations.  Army life has taken Joe and his wife Patty to duty stations in Europe and across the US, where they have weathered many peacekeeping and combat deployments while raising their 5 kids.  Joe worked side by side with Rick Herrema in the 101st Airborne Division, and is honored to serve the vision of RHF by helping to create a sanctuary in Fayetteville where families like his can come to find respite and renewal.

Joel founded RHF's Board of Advisors. He served with distinction in the US Army before transitioning to civilian life. He is a successful lawyer in New Jersey. His business acumen and civic virtue have helped create numerous successful endeavors for many people across the globe.  He currently co-chairs a $100 million capital campaign for Norwich University.

Jonathan, was a personal friend of Rick Herrema. He holds a BA from Campbell University and has served as Senior Pastor at Bethel Church from 2008-2015. Jonathan is known as an unofficial chaplain to many of the Special Forces guys who serve in the Ft. Bragg community as he has a unique way of connecting with some of our nations elite warriors. He is President of Angier Chamber of Commerce 2014 as well as a Certified Professional Life and Leadership Coach with Life-forming Leadership Coaching.

Josh, is an active duty soldier who joined the Army before 9/11 and has been overseas multiple times since the start of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He currently serves on the board of directors and he along with his wife and the invaluable assistance of other dedicated supporters founded the Rick Herrema Foundation (RHF).  RHF is dedicated to the memory of Josh’s best friend, Rick Herrema, who was killed in action in Iraq in 2006. Josh has three children and, as a father and husband, knows first-hand the challenges of full time military service, Josh wanted to create a place that would honor his best friend by creating a retreat for still serving military families where they can come and spend fun, quality time with each other.

Ken is a former Paratrooper and Combat Engineer in the 82nd Airborne Division.  Ken is a senior operations leader bringing more than 20 years’ experience across Healthcare, Service Industry, Manufacturing, Transactional Businesses, Federal Government, and Non-Profit industries in the deployment of small and large scale Business Transformations, Business Unit Leadership, Lean Transformation, Operational Excellence, Large Scale Program Management Office (PMO), Revenue Generation/Cost Reduction Initiatives, Strategic Planning & Execution, Executive Coaching, Operational Merger Leadership, and Business Turnaround deployments.

Kimberly, Treasurer and CFO, is an active duty military spouse. As a family, they have endured more than a dozen combat deployments. She is a beloved wife, friend and mother to two young daughters. She is also a former Army kid whose late father served in the Vietnam War. She has a degree in accounting and has spent most of her professional career working as an auditor and finance manager for local governments located near Ft. Lewis, WA and Ft. Bragg, NC.

Sam, President, is currently serving as a consultant to the U.S. Military. He is a U.S. Army veteran who spent his career in Special Operations serving in multiple combat tours. Sam is married to author, teacher, and counselor Kathy. They are the parents of nine children and two grandchildren. Sam served with Rick Herrema.   

Rich, governance committee member, serves as Inspector General for US Army Forces Command (750,000 Soldiers, $4.9 billion budget). Rich holds a BA in History from the University of Delaware and a MS in Strategic Planning from the National War College. Rich is a 30 year Army veteran with the majority of his career spent in Special Operations and he has multiple combat tours serving in command at every level from Lieutenant to Colonel. Rich has been married for 30 years and is a father of eight girls, two of whom are serving in the U.S. Army.

Ted, Governance chair, is an expert in organizational development. He served as a consultant to c-suite and senior leaders in NYC for 30 years before retiring to become an active executive coach and ethics and leadership professor of the practice at Duke University. Of note, he assisted the Central Park Conservancy in Manhattan transition from start-up to a robust organization. He continues to advise senior leaders in the US, Asia and Latin America. He has degrees in cultural anthropology, religion and organizational psychology. He is married to Allegra.

Tom, served as a Green Beret serving in 19th Special Forces Group. He graduated Georgetown Law with Honors before joining the military and he is also an investment entrepreneur and Principal at The Willis Group, which has completed over $8.4M in investment projects in venture capital and commercial real estate since 2003. Formerly, Tom served as an Attorney Advisor for a Federal Judge at the U.S. Tax Court. He also served as an International Attorney with the world’s largest law firm, Baker & McKenzie.

Our staff:

Allegra Jordan,, Executive Committee member (nonvoting), Programs Chair, and Executive Director. Allegra has helped develop superior leaders and teams so communities can prosper. She has worked at a high level in numerous industries in 17 countries and on five continents. Her generative outlook and generous approach have led to hundreds of millions of dollars of realized value, improved executive capacity, healthier global communities, creative content, and major awards. She holds an MBA with honors from Harvard Business School, a certification in leadership coaching from Georgetown University (ICF, ACC).  She is a former US Air Force kid whose late father served multiple tours in Vietnam.

Claudia Perez,, Chef and Food Coordinator.  Claudia is the Founder and Director of Angel’s Kitchen, a local food pantry operating out of The Fayetteville DreamCenter, Her team serves roughly 380 families per month, including in the town's neediest areas. After Hurricane Matthew. Angel’s Kitchen partnered with Operation Barbecue Relief (OBR) to help distribute 188,700meals over the course of eight days. Claudia is SafeServ certified and has used her knowledge of food and the needs of local areas to make an impact on our community.

Jedidiah Gunner Barnett,, Programs and Facilities Manager. Because of the unique nature of special forces, Gunner Barnett’s family never moved.  His father (now retired after 26 years) spent the majority of his time deployed but remained stationed at Ft. Bragg.  Gunner is often thankful that he never experienced the added layer of stress that moving from station to station often puts on military families.  However he can relate to having a loved one in danger and the chaos of learning to live with and without them due to the nature of deployments certainly influence his passion to see RHF’s mission succeed.  Gunner worked as a youth pastor in Alabama after graduating from college in 2014.  He had the chance to create and lead several vacation Bible school programs and co-lead a youth missions trip to New Mexico.  Gunner has a passion for military families and particularly enjoys creating fun activities for kids.  In October of 2017 Gunner moved back to Fayetteville to work full time as the Facilities and Program Manager for The Rick Herrema Foundation. 

Kimberly Weimer,, Financial Director, RHF Treasurer and Executive Committee Member.

Tammy Kummer,, Volunteer Manager & Operation Manager.  Tammy has diverse experience working in Europe as a Budget analyst assistant to fabricating and installing electrical harnesses for the navigation system in various helicopters for the military.  Tammy has 11 years of experience homeschooling her children.  She is a former Army kid, as her father served 27 years, so she has always had compassion for the military family.  She is continuing her education as she believes in lifetime learning.   Tammy has a heart to serve the military family that serves us every day.  She is married and has three children.

Tammy Wilbur-Hoistad,, Director of Development.  Tammy Wilbur-Hoistad is the Director of Development.  Tammy holds a MSW in Social Work from Texas State University.  Caring for Service Members and Military Families is Tammy’s passion; she has worked in the military community for over 14 years.   Her experience growing up as a military child, a military spouse for 12 years, and raising a military child has allowed her to experience firsthand the challenges that military families experience and the support that they need.  Tammy has provided deployment and reintegration services to a major multi-brigade operation in Europe.  She has extensive experience in securing sponsorship and managing budgets up to a quarter of a million dollars to ensure that programs are successful and able to meet their mission.  She also has over six years’ experience in corporate sponsorship.