RHF welcomes proposals by Life Scouts who wish to make Eagle Scout by doing a supervised project at Rick's Place, our 50-acre park in Fayetteville, NC. Rick's Place is designed to help active duty military families have fun and relax with their friends and families. As such, our park needs a variety of amenities that make for classic Eagle Scout projects.

When you engage in a project at Rick's Place, we seek to make it a great experience for you and your volunteers. We allow Boy Scouts and Scout Masters to camp at our site. We also offer the opportunity, should Scouts wish, to talk about careers in the US military with a veteran or active duty member of the US Army, Special Operations, or 82nd Airborne.  Finally, if Scouts are visiting from out of town, the team can take a few hours to visit military museums in Fayetteville, such as the Airborne and Special Forces Museum, the US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare museum, or the 82nd Airborne Division Museum.

In 2017 we hosted our first Court of Honor at Rick's Place. We hope it is the first of a long line of Eagle Scout Courts of Honor that we contribute to by providing a great project experience.

Please contact Executive Director Allegra Jordan at (919) 448-7762 or at allegra@rhfnow.org if you are interested.